Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dil tuta tha bahut pahale
Par aankhe nam aaj bhi hain
Naa dubara milne ki kasam thi unki
Magar naa jane intezaar kyon aaj bhi hay

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Broken Heart

sometimes they hurt you so much
your heart starts to ache
your brain goes numb

it is just a matter of words
a few words....a few comments
delivered so recklessly

an already broken heart
how much more pieces can it break into
could it bleed any more??

all pieces gathered
all parts glued
all blood wiped off

is it the same heart now?
does it still have all those feelings??
emotions from the past?

its a heart with a scar on it
a black long scar
the exterior is healing

the interior is still so soft
the interior still bleeds
the interior still aches

its a strong heart now
its a steel heart now
stainless steel heart

but interior is still
as warm n soft n supple
and full of memories

No its not a stone heart
it has feelings...
all locked up inside the steel exterior

one more grievance
and it will explode
and no one will be able to gather the bits n pieces

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sab Kuch Badaltay Dekha Hay
Aasman Ko Dhaltay Dekha Hay
Tum Sooraj Ki Baat Kertay Ho
Hum Nay Chand Jaltay Dekha Hay

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The First Post

I don't know why i have created this blog or even why i'm posting here. Pata nahi shaed mein kuch kehna chahta houn, lekin kis say kehna chahta houn kia kehna chahta houn aur keun kehna chahta houn mujhay nahi pata.

Pata nahi mujhay logoun say itni shikayatein keun hein ya shaed logoun ko mujh say shikayetein hein. Shaed mein he ghalt houn lekin ager mein ghalt houn to keun houn? Aisa kia hua jis say mein ghalt ho gaya?

UUUFFFF itnay saray sawal aur kisi k pas bhe koi jawab nahi...